Amateur Poem

I’ve known you for a day,

but what really do I know?

I know that your crooked smile

and your crooked laughter

are the reasons that birds chirp

so happily at the sun-rise.

I know your baby complexion

and crystal eyes,

are why the skies compete in beauty

day and night.


I’ve loved you for a month,

but what really do I know?

I know the flutters I feel

when your body presses lightly against mine,

and how it feels to want you.

I know how your nervous fingertips

love clinging to my shaking palm,

to create our steady union.


I’ve been yours for so long,

but still what do I know?

I know how it feels

to fear losing love

and what it means

to nearly steal it from myself.

I know what it is like

to own a pair of clean blue eyes

and to have them own me

in return.


I have to miss you now,

and I still know not enough.

With your goodbye,

you curse me with questions

I’ll have to answer by myself.

My dear, my darling, my daring Navy-boy,

you’ve left me.

Where to? Who knows?

You’re gone,

and with you go the happy birds

and the beauty of the skies.


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I'm a proud owner of anxiety with a splash of depression. My anxiety is generalized, but definitely has always intensified in social situations. I share tips and coping mechanisms, funny stories, and what I've learned from my experiences. Please feel free to do the same!

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